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Daniel Hitzeman

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Daniel Hitzeman

With 21 years of experience,  I enjoy assisting others in pursuing and then resetting goals. As a father with a special needs son my passion lies in wanting to make sure that other folks with special needs members do not fall into some of the usual traps. So in a way I am a resource to my clients in helping them avoid costly pitfalls. Its avoiding  the pitfalls that will allow you the opportunity to continue with a well thought out plan. I work at making sure all your questions are answered concisely without the rhetoric. Gaining agreement on the understanding of how we are going to address our goals and objectives, Its only then that we can move forward with our plan.

My experience in teaching Sunday school along with my participation in a men's bible study and other volunteer positions keeps me active in my church.  While my children were kids I helped out with the running of the softball/ soccer teams and was actively involved in the Winfield Park district. As a three term elected commissioner I hold the position as treasurer.  With the 37 minutes that's left at the end of the day I enjoy spending it with my wife of 28 years watching TV.